The Venetian Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

The Venetian Resort at Las Vegas transports guests at the heart of Venice. Guests are captivated by the fresco ceilings, the replicas of Italy's most grandiose landmarks, and the Grand Canal. With 4 pools, numerous restaurants, bars, and a vast... Read fullThe Venetian Las Vegas review

7 / 10
£ 149 per night

Faena Hotel

Miami, Florida

A major magnet for celebrities, Faena Hotel in Miami Beach boasts a prime oceanfront location and lives up to the hype of being one of the most opulent hotels in the area. It offers unparalleled luxury with radiant rooms, contemporary... Read fullFaena Hotel review

7 / 10
£ 500 per night

Hotel Martinez

Cannes, France

Facing the exquisite surroundings of the French Riviera, Hotel Martinez is the spot where dignitaries can relax and unwind in the name of pursuing pleasure. Here “beauty is the wonder of wonders”, as the hotel is the perfect place to... Read fullHotel Martinez review

9 / 10
£ 320 per night

Shangri-La Hotel

Paris, France

When Shangri-La opened in 1896 it immediately became associated with high-class, luxury, and the Parisian lifestyle. Radiant rooms that feature Empire-style decorations, unique Asian artworks, and unrivalled views of the Eifel Tower are what sets Shangri-La apart to this very... Read fullShangri-La Hotel review

9 / 10
£ 1500 per night

Four Seasons Hotel, George V

Paris, France

This lavish hotel known for its history and the pampering possibilities it offers is located by the Champs-Élysées – one of the most picture-worthy avenues in Paris. If you like the thought of waking up to a view of the... Read fullFour Seasons Hotel, George V review

9 / 10
£ 1000 per night

Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino

Las Vegas, USA

Merging timeless classic designs with contemporary extravagance, Caesars Palace will give you the ultimate Las Vegas experience. If you ever need a break from a humdrum routine and a tightly packed schedule, don’t hesitate to visit this colourful paradise. Whether... Read fullCaesars Palace Hotel and Casino review

8 / 10
£ 100 per night

The Peninsula

Chicago, Illinois, USA

With 339 rooms spread across 20 stories, this premium, award-winning, five-star hotel has everything you’ll ever need for a hedonistic and deluxe stay. Whether you choose a deluxe suite or room, you can be assured that you will be met... Read fullThe Peninsula review

8 / 10
£ 750 per night