Located in Wanaka, New Zealand, Minaret Station is an exclusive resort that’s only reachable by helicopter. What distinguishes Minaret Station from other resorts is the number of private activities and adventures that are available on the property, like mountain biking and heli-skiing. Alternatively, you can stay in the comfort of your luxurious and intimate chalet and take in the stunning views.


Since it’s only accessible by a helicopter and there are no roads that can take you to the lodge, you can guess just how remote Minaret Station’s location is. Typically, their helicopters will wait for your arrival at Queenstown airport. Once you get on the helicopter, you will reach the lodge in less than half an hour while delighting in the magnificent scenery from a bird’s-eye view, so it’s a short and enjoyable ride altogether.

Surrounded by nature and the mountain peaks of the Southern Alps at an altitude of 3,000 ft, the hotel is an ideal location for anyone who wants to escape the fast-paced city life and take an uninterrupted break. Mt. Aspiring National Park and Lake Wanaka are located nearby, which also makes it a diverse location with plenty of sights to explore.

Style and Character

With only four chalets available on the property, it’s safe to assume that the staff at Minaret Station pays attention to every single detail and décor choice in order to give you an authentic experience. The unconventional yet minimalistic architecture of the resort is striking yet unpretentious, while the chalets have the perfect balance of comfort and grandeur.

Apart from the four chalets, there are also common areas such as the lounge and the reading room, where guests can relax and socialize while enjoying a level of comfort and style like nowhere else in New Zealand. The big fireplaces, wooden chandeliers, and plush sofas are the epitome of rustic luxury.

Services and Facilities

One of the most pressing questions guests have is whether there’s a restaurant on the property or do you have to take a helicopter ride for a single meal. Given that Minaret Station is a 5-star resort, you won’t be surprised to know that there’s a restaurant and a bar at the property, so getting your hands on delicious food won’t be an issue. Complimentary breakfast is also included.

Other amenities include an open bar, room service, and a spa. For a comprehensive list of the amenities available at Minaret Station, see below.

  • Airport shuttle
  • Babysitting
  • Laundry
  • Meeting room
  • Parking
  • Private guides and tours
  • Spa
  • Wi-Fi


The four individual chalets are located within a short distance of each other, giving you just the right amount of privacy. Due to Marinet Station’s spectacular location, each chalet has floor-to-ceiling windows that offer unique views of the surroundings. There is a king-sized bed, an en-suite bathroom, a hot tub, and a private balcony in each of the chalets. The chalets are connected to the common areas by multiple wooden boardwalks, so you’re only steps away from the rustic yet luxurious living areas and the well-equipped library.

You will be provided with premium-quality bathrobes, linen, and towels. There is a dining setting in each room, so you can enjoy room service and fine dining from the comfort of your own chalet. Beverage-wise, there is a tea and a coffee maker in each chalet, as well as a minibar loaded with local wines.

Food and Drinks

Whether you go for an organized picnic or a private candle-light dinner, you can rest assured knowing you’re in good hands. The chefs at Minaret Station pride themselves on including fresh produce in each of their soul-satisfying meals, giving their guests an enjoyable and memorable dining experience. They source some of the produce themselves, while the rest is provided from Wanaka. The menu changes day by day, so you’re guaranteed a variety of exquisite meals you can sample.

The selection of wine is impeccable – guests get to choose between local wine and international high-quality wine and find the ideal complement to their flavor-packed dish.

As we mentioned earlier, there is free breakfast for the guests, and you get to choose from a buffet with English breakfast, delicious fresh fruit, and the ever-so-popular avocado toast.

Value for Money

The rates at Minaret Station depend on what time of the year you’ll be staying there. For instance, during the autumn-spring season, rates are around $2,950 NZD or 1,940 USD per night for a single chalet. The rates for the summer season are slightly higher – $3,250 NZD or $2,140 USD. During the festive season, you can book a chalet starting from $3,550 NZD or $2,338 USD.


Minaret Station welcomes anyone who prefers a fresh, thrilling experience over the predictability of traditional holidaying. When you take in the sublime beauty of the raw landscape, your average tourist-packed beaches may even feel a tad plebeian in comparison.

Still, your stay here can be as peaceful or as adventurous as you want it to be. Travelers who are up for a truly alternative holiday escapade but still want the full five-star-resort experience are in for a real treat at Minaret Station, A-listers included.

How many rooms are there at Minaret Station?

There are four chalets in total at Minaret Station.

Is there a minimum night stay at Minaret Station?

Minaret Station doesn’t have a minimum night stay, so you can book a single night stay.

What kind of food options are available at Minaret Station?

Breakfast is included in the price. You can also enjoy delicious à la carte meals at the restaurant.

What is the closest airport to Minaret Station?

The closest airports to Minaret Station are Queenstown and Wanaka.

Does Minaret Station have an airport shuttle?

Yes, Minaret Station provides airport transportation.

Is Minaret Station accessible by road?

There is no road access to Minaret Station – guests have to fly to the resort.

Is Minaret Station pet-friendly?

Sadly, Minaret Station doesn’t allow pets.

What time is check-in and check-out at Minaret Station?

Check-in starts at 2 pm, while check-out is at 11 am.

What is Minaret Station’s cancellation policy?

If you cancel your stay at Minaret Station, you will be charged with a cancellation fee based on the total price of your stay.

How much luggage can I bring with me on the helicopter there?

You’re allowed to bring one suitcase that weighs no more than 23 kg per person, as well as a small bag.

Is Wi-Fi available in all areas?

Yes, you have Wi-Fi access throughout Minaret Station.

Are Children Allowed at Minaret Station?

Yes, Minaret Station is family-friendly.

Does Minaret Station Have Access for Guests with Disabilities?

Yes, there are reduced mobility rooms available, as well as wheelchair access.