If you’ve ever wondered what luxury camping would look like, we present to you Longitude 131. Overlooking Uluru, the sixteen glamorous pavilions are conveniently spread out on the Central Desert, allowing an intimate and romantic stay. Despite being located in a desert, there is a lot to see and explore here, like the 600 million-year-old rock, Aboriginal artworks, and historic relics. Don’t worry, your food options won’t be limited to S’mores – the lavish base offers delicious contemporary cuisine and refreshing spirits. 


Located right outside the Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, this affluent resort is the perfect option for anyone who enjoys spending time in nature but likes their accommodation to be on the glamorous side. Given that it’s in a convenient location, guests at Longitude 131 can enjoy plenty of tours that allow you to witness the invaluable natural treasures found in the desert. Alternatively, you can take it upon yourself and get lost in the tranquil and transcendent beauty of the place.

The town of Yulara is located only three miles away, so if you fancy a little change of scenery, taking a trip to Yulara can be easily added to anyone’s itinerary.

Style and Character

A perfect specimen of exotic glamour, the pavilions were created having the convenience of guests in mind. The inside of the pavilions is furnished with modern furniture and artwork created by local indigenous artists, giving you a truly authentic experience. The pavilions, covered in floor-to-ceiling windows, give you views from multiple angles – one that seems to be a guest favorite is the view of Uluru you get from the comfort of your bed. 

The pavilions have an earthy and cozy vibe; the silky throws and cottony lining ensure your comfort and spice up the inside décor. The Aboriginal culture is present in every little detail – from the choice of music you can expect to find at the entrance to the types of massages that are offered in the spa.


Each luxury tent is designed to give you the ultimate glamping experience accompanied by gorgeous views of Uluru during the day, and a multitude of stars during the night that can be seen through the floor-to-ceiling windows. There is a private balcony, an outdoor fireplace, an en-suite bar, a double daybed, and plenty of equipment to keep you safe while you’re exploring the outdoors. The tents are en-suite with a rain shower that perfectly fits the theme of this resort.

The Dune Pavilion (yes, it’s located on an actual dune) is the star of the show at Longitude 131. Being the most luxurious and well-equipped pavilion, it’s no surprise that it comes with its own spa, library, boutique, a private pool, and dining with a view. If you’re ever in doubt as to what pavilion to go for, we’d definitely recommend the Dune Pavilion. 

Services and Facilities

One of the most unique opportunities that you can find at Longitude 131 are the organized group tours that explore the ins and outs of the best natural sights that can be found in the area. They usually have a very compelling theme such as a romantic sunset tour. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in some of the tours they offer, don’t worry, the resort will come to the rescue. They allow you to schedule custom tours such as a camel or a helicopter tour.

There are plenty of fun activities to occupy your time with inside the base, too.

  • Bar
  • Free breakfast
  • Gift shop
  • Laundry
  • Private balconies in pavilions
  • Restaurant
  • Spa
  • Swimming Pool

Food and Drink              

If dining under the stars sounds like your cup of tea, then you will love what Longitude 131 has to offer. The staff prides themselves on selecting the best Australian produce, resulting in daily culinary masterpieces, while chef Tom Saliba grantees a flavorful experience no matter what kind of dish you select. 

At breakfast, you will be offered a buffet including delicious fruits, pastries, pancakes,  as well as a great selection of drinks including espresso and fine leaf tea. During lunchtime, you can enjoy fresh seafood or a replenishing salad served with wine or coffee. Every dinner at Longitude 131 is an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, so why not relish in a glass of premium wine with a sunset or dine under the stars.

It’s also worth mentioning that Longitude 131 staff caters to any dietary preference and provides additional food options upon your request. 

Value for Money

When it comes to the price of the accommodation, it varies depending on what time of the year you visit and whether you go for one of the luxury tents or the Dune Pavilion.

The luxury tent comes in a package – you can reserve a 3-night stay starting from $4,950 AUD or $3,500 USD. The Dune Pavilion will cost you around 9,180 AUD or roughly $6,379 USD. 


Longitude 131 is a popular glamping choice for celebrities, so it’s no surprise that many of them have been spotted here. For instance, Pippa Middleton and James Matthews had their honeymoon at Longitude 131 – a romantic adventure they’ll remember, no doubt.

Impressively, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have also stayed at this incredible resort back in 2014. Don’t be surprised if you spot one of your favorite celebrities while staying here.

Is parking available at Longitude 131?

Yes, parking is available at this resort for all guests.

What popular attractions can I visit near Longitude 131?

You can visit plenty of attractions located nearby such as Wintjiri Arts and Museum and Red Desert Reptiles.

Can I exercise at Longitude 131?

You will have access to a pool while staying at Longitude 131. Hiking is also an option.

Does Longitude 131 offer an airport shuttle?

Yes, all guests can use the airport shuttle.

Do guests have Wi-Fi in the tents?

Yes, Wi-Fi is available throughout the lodge.

Do all tents come with balconies?

Do all tents come with balconies?

Can children stay at Longitude 131?

Children aged 10 and older are welcome to Longitude 131.

Is there a restaurant near Longitude 131?

There are a restaurant and a bar on the property.

Does Longitude 131 organize tours?

Yes, you can book plenty of tours while staying there.

Access for Guests with Disabilities?

There is one tent on the property that is wheelchair-accessible.

Is Longitude 131 Family-friendly?

Yes, additional beds are provided upon request. However, the minimum age for children is 10.