Top 20 World’s Luxury Hotel Brands

Last updated on Jun 27, 2022

Top 20 World’s Luxury Hotel Brands

A first-class, renowned hotel can make all the difference between a good trip and a great one. If you agree with this statement and are looking for an extravagant experience only an established hotel brand with a rich and inspiring history can bring, we’re glad you’re here. We found the top 20 world’s luxury hotel brands that know exactly what luxury travelers seek, in the hopes of giving you some ideas about where you can stay next. 

Regardless of whether you already have a destination in mind or you’re just looking for luxury travel inspo, this article can serve as a guide for hunting down the finest hotel brands in the world that’ll give you the fabulous vacation of a lifetime.

One & Only Resorts

Created by Solomon Kerzner, a South African entrepreneur, One & Only Resorts features unparalleled luxury resorts and private homes in some of the most breathtaking locations in the world such as the Maldives, Mauritius, and Mexico.

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An irresistible combination of untrodden exotic locations, spacious and elegant villas, and impeccable service, One & Only Resorts is committed to delivering the very best for its guests. Their locations are ever-expanding, so you can expect to see some new destinations on this list, like the mesmerizing Kea Island in Greece.

Another aspect of staying at One & Only Resorts that’s worth mentioning are their world-class restaurants. Featuring celebrity chefs like Nobu Matsuhisa and Jean-Georges Vongerichten, you will have the opportunity to sample premium local cuisine in a superbly romantic ambience.

It’s no wonder that One & Only Resorts are often featured in top 10 lists when it comes to the most luxurious hotel brands in the world.

Four Seasons

Four Seasons, the majestic hotel chain we all know and love, was created back in 1961 in Toronto, Canada by the talented Isadore Sharp. Dedicated to self-improvement and growth, the staff at Four Seasons is on a mission to provide incredible service and an unforgettable experience for its guests that will last them a lifetime. The business grew rapidly; nowadays, there are more than 100 Four Seasons properties spread on five continents, while famous investors like Bill Gates continue to support their mission.

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One of the most striking differences between Four Seasons and other hotel brands is that Four Seasons provides a unique adventure for its guests in each location. The experiences offered at the hotel depend on where you’re staying, so for instance, if you’re visiting the Maldives, you can rent your own private yacht and explore the deep turquoise waters and tropical beaches on your own.

Whether it’s a private jet or a UNESCO-protected island, the Four Seasons has it all. Some destinations where you can enjoy the Four Seasons experience include Hawaii, Marrakech, Doha, and Bora Bora. Despite the fact that their properties differ depending on which place you choose to visit, all the suites have a few things in common – blissful vistas, exemplary service, and grand, commodious interiors.

Six Senses

This award-winning, five-star hotel brand is unique in its intent to make luxurious holidaying sustainable without sacrificing on the experience. Founded back in 1995 by the owners of the recognized Soneva brand, Six Senses has since expanded to multiple locations – China, Thailand, Bali, Vietnam are only some of the destinations where you too can enjoy this slice of Heaven.

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Six Senses is known for their first-rate spas where you can choose between a long list of treatments, massages, and facials, all of which are designed to help you relax and replenish. Another way to relax is by lounging around their hotel pools – almost all Six Senses Locations come with enormous, private pools that allow you to have fun with your family without even leaving the property. Home to many Michelin-star restaurants, there are countless opportunities to savor local food made of fresh ingredients while staying at one of Six Senses’ hotels.

Masterfully combining nourishing activities like yoga, meditation, and cooking classes, Six Senses offers not only exotic locations and captivating eco-chic suites but also spiritual practices that will make your experience wholesome and unique. If you are the type of person who enjoys acquiring new skills from world-class experts while on a holiday, then you’ll definitely appreciate the wonderful experience this resort has to offer.

W Hotels

What originally started as an esteemed hotel in New York back in 1888 quickly became an exquisite hotel brand that’s spread over 24 countries. Trendy, unconventional, and groovy, W Hotel is a magnet for guests, especially for the younger generation. Gorgeous rooftop pools, lively nightclubs, and champagne check-ins are some of the things you can enjoy while staying at any of the W hotels. The hotels’ style, architecture, and features are succinct with the history of the location they’re in, which is certainly a captivating feature for a luxury hotel brand.

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The staff at W Hotels is charmingly detail-oriented, which is uniquely appealing for their visitors. They pay attention to the smallest details, like the names of their hotel suites and rooms. The aptly named Fabulous Room seems to be a guest favorite. W Hotels is a brand that continues to grow, so you can expect even more locations to be added to an already fetching list of destinations.

Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental is a recognized hotel brand that we associate with majestic luxury and impeccable service. What some might not know is that the hotel brand emanates from Hong Kong, where the first property was open back in 1963. With more than 50 years of experience, the staff at Mandarin Oriental is dedicated to providing the best service for its customers, which is one of the reasons why this brand is so loved.

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There are more than 30 Mandarin Oriental hotels open worldwide. Although the style of the properties varies from one destination to another, the oriental touches, contemporary glamour, and Michelin-starred fine dining are what they all have in common. Their properties are home to some of the best spas in the world, as it is the case with the award-winning Spa and Wellness Centre at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. The service is always faultless and the staff is beyond welcoming, further adding to the list of reasons why you should pick Mandarin Oriental on your next vacation.

Celebrities like Beyonce and Venus Williams seem to be particularly keen on Mandarin Oriental hotels, so don’t be surprised if you spot your favorite celebrity while staying at some of their hotels. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you can’t go wrong with choosing Mandarin Oriental as your next holiday resort.


Also known as Orient Express up until a couple of years ago, Belmond has rightfully scored a spot on our top 20 world’s luxury hotel brands list. Their story started back in 1976 when Hotel Cipriani was opened in Venice. Over the next few years, they opened new hotels across Italy. With such exponential growth, it’s no surprise that nowadays there are Belmond hotels in 24 countries. Whether you desire a city break that will allow you to explore historic cities or a standard beach holiday where you can swim in clear, turquoise waters, Belmond will cater to your every need.

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 Belmond hotels have a very distinct style, with the right mix of trendy contemporary design and traditional opulence. Don’t be surprised if you see your favorite artwork hung on the walls or if you spot a gorgeous antique piece in the lobby.

Apart from standard holidays, Belmond also offers cruises and safaris. These experiences give you the opportunity to try something new and outside your comfort zone, resulting in lifelong memories.


The truth is that sometimes we want a tropical getaway where we can escape the crowds and busy city life. And Aman will help you do just that.

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The original name of this secluded paradise has changed since it was created in 1988. It used to be called Amanpuri, which can be translated as a place of peace. Despite this name change, you can expect a peaceful, serene, and secluded holiday; in fact, a favorite feature among Aman guests is the tranquil atmosphere that transpires throughout the hotel. Located in 20 countries, Aman offers a variety of destinations, from Indonesia to Montenegro.

Renowned for their spa and wellness centers, Aman hotels provide tailored spa programs for their guests and host unique wellness challenges like the stress management challenge. It’s these opportunities, along with the general serene ambiance of the hotels, that make them the perfect location for replenishing your energy levels and decreasing stress.

Their aesthetic is a blend of minimalistic designs, rustic opulence, and charming features taken from the local culture, resulting in an unprecedented experience. The experiences offered at Aman are transcendental and transformative, ideal for anyone who is on a path of spiritual self-improvement. Among the most booked Aman experiences is the Amanpuri Villa Experience in Thailand, the Mesas, Movement, and Mindfulness experience in Canyon Point, and A Venetian Experience.


Soneva, a highly praised trendsetter, is regarded as the first luxury hotel in the Maldives. Founded in 1995 in Kunfunadhoo, this five-star hotel brand is dedicated to delivering the holiday from your dreams.

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Their vision was to create a “back to nature” style that blends environmentally-friendly luxury with breathtaking destinations, and we can say for a fact that they have succeeded in their mission. Ever since the first hotel was created, its founder Sonu Shivdasani managed to bring this earthy grandeur to new exciting destinations.

If you like the thought of being accommodated in overwater villas overlooking crystal-clear water and flamingo sunsets, then you’ll definitely like what Soneva has to offer. And perhaps the best part of the whole experience is that you’ll get the chance to reconnect to nature while relaxing in one of the most sumptuous hotels in the world.


The person behind this world-class hotel brand is Cesar Ritz. Before his death in 1918, he opened Carlton and The Savoy in London and Ritz in France, all of which are more than familiar to us. Since then, the brand has grown at a fast pace, offering stunning locations such as Hawaii, Lake Tahoe, Aruba, Moscow, and Macau. Upcoming locations include Nikko, Mexico City, Nanjing, and Jiuzhaigou.

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With a long list of travel awards and worldwide praises, this supreme hotel brand is known for its hospitable and detail-oriented staff that makes each stay highly personalized. The design and atmosphere of each hotel vary depending on which place you choose to visit, but it’s always in congruence with the history and heritage of the location.

Regardless of what location you choose, you can expect top-notch service and a memorable stay. The suites at Ritz-Carlton come with breathtaking views, especially The Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong, seeing as it’s one of the highest hotels in the world. Even though the style of each hotel differs depending on the location, superior décor and extravagant interior can be found on each listing.

The Luxury Collection

The Compagnia Italiana Grandi Alberghi, founded in 1906, became The Luxury Collection brand in 1994. Its list of destinations features some of the most beautiful areas in the world, including Santorini, Bali, and Dubai. With a mission to provide both faultless service for its customers and unforgettable architectural design, it’s no wonder why hotels that are a part of The Luxury Collection are often featured in top 10 lists.

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Described as “Epicurean experiences”, The Luxury Collection offers splendid opportunities to expand your travels beyond the traditional sightseeing and beach lounging. From a private wine tasting to discovering indigenous produce and a tailored cooking class led by a local chef, there are many unconventional moments to be found while staying with The Luxury Collection.

Palatial, colorful, and full of sophisticated glitz, the ambiance at The Luxury Collection never fails to captivate guests around the world.

Park Hyatt

Park Hyatt is managed by the Hyatt Hotel Group – a name that’s become synonymous with luxury and splendid getaways in the world of travel. One of the many noteworthy aspects of Park Hyatt that manages to distinguish it from other luxury hotels is that the style and character of each hotel are completely dependent on the city it’s located at.

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For instance, upon arriving at Park Hyatt Murano, you’re served espresso at the waterfront. Likewise, the Park Hyatt located in central Paris contains stunning classic touches and custom artwork that match the romantic and timeless atmosphere of the city of light.

The locations offered from Park Hyatt are varied and thrilling, so regardless of what kind of mood you’re in, you can expect to find a destination that’s a perfect match. Guests’ favorite options seem to be Park Hyatt, New York, and Park Hyatt Bangkok, Thailand, both of which are deemed the crème de la crème among luxury hotels.

Oetker Collection

Oetker Collection is a family-owned business with German origin. Based in Baden-Baden, it’s currently managed by the Oetker family. The business has been around since 1870 and it was first created by August Oetker, whom you might recognize as the founder of the Dr Oetker company.

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Each property offered by Oetker Collection is a magnificent gem that reflects European culture and tradition. Apart from deluxe suites, while staying at one of the Oetker Collection hotels you will have access to fine dining, exciting activities that will easily fill out your itineraries, and incredible opportunities to find solace in surrounding nature. Health and wellness is a big part of their mission, so expect to find world-class spas and large fitness centers inside. For even more ostentatious offers, check out their private collection.

Hilton Hotels & Resorts

We assume that most of you have either stayed at Hilton Hotels or know someone who has. With more than 500 properties spread across 100 countries, it’s safe to say that it’s one of the most recognized hotel brands in the world. Whether it’s Russia, Australia, or Vietnam – chances are your destination of choice has a Hilton Hotel.

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Being in the hotel industry for more than a century, Hilton Hotels staff always prioritizes the wellbeing of their customers and offers outstanding service and a supporting community, which is why this hotel brand has so many loyal customers. Stylish, modern, and innovative, your stay at Hilton Hotels will be nothing short of thrilling. Enjoy a myriad of facilities and services like valet service, babysitting, and mailing service, excellent restaurants with a variety of flavorful dishes to choose from, and superior rooms during your stay.


Fancy a remarkable vacation brimming with luscious flora, fine dining, and self-care indulgences? Then Shangri-La might be the place for you.

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This Hong Kong-based company was founded by entrepreneur Robert Kuok back in 1971. In the span of fewer than 50 years, the hotel has expanded to over 100 hotels and resorts, which is a rather impressive accomplishment. The mystical aura surrounding Shangri-La hotels and the tranquil environment sets them apart from other luxury hotel brands, making any of the hotels from this brand a perfect place to do some soul searching.

By choosing Shangri-La, you can book a fabulous stay in some of the most impressive locations in the world. All their hotels have ideal locations within the area, providing their guests with astonishing views of the surrounding natural beauty and architecture. Shangri-La hotels are known for their capacious rooms and suites, so it’s safe to say that they put the comfort of their guests above everything else. As for the style of the hotel brand, it varies depending on the culture and history of the destination. There are always charming touches of the local culture present throughout, resulting in a one-of-a-kind holiday experience.

This hotel brand always tries to give back to the community – captivating artwork created by local artists is displayed on the walls of almost every Shangri-La hotel.

Taj Hotels, Resorts, Palaces

You can’t make a list of the world’s top 20 luxury hotel brands without mentioning Taj Hotels. Created more than a century ago, Taj Hotels have taken the world by a storm. Apart from India, they operate in numerous countries including Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and Malaysia. Expect to see some new locations added to the list soon, like Goa, Udaipur, and Tirupati.

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Taj Hotels are completely different in style, built, and vibe, so you’ll never feel like you’re staying in a hotel that’s part of an enormous chain. And this very characteristic, along with its dedication to luxury and palatial décor, is what makes it so unique. Guests can enjoy various facilities that make you feel at home and indulge in pampering treatments at their renowned spas. One thing is for certain – the experience of vacationing at a Taj Hotel will stay with you forever.

The Peninsula

The Peninsula, known for being Asia’s oldest hotel company, is an award-winning luxury hotel brand with properties in many exciting destinations. The story behind the birth of The Peninsula is an inspiring one – founded in 1880 by brothers Ellis and Elly in Baghdad, it quickly became one of the world’s greatest small luxury brands and China’s first luxury hospitality brand.

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The duality of tradition and innovation found in the design and vision of the hotel is intriguing and makes for a memorable stay. The wellbeing of their guests is always a priority for the staff at The Peninsula, so you can expect world-class service whenever you visit. Apart from opulent accommodation options, The Peninsula organizes exhilarating events such as motorsports gatherings and The Quail Rally.

With an intimate yet glamorous ambiance, The Peninsula is a go-to for couples, families, and even solo travelers. Whether you spend a couple of days at their hotels or you choose to take part in an organized event, you won’t find a dull moment around.


Alila Hotels and Resorts, offering properties mostly located in Asia, is a perfect match for adventurous and spiritual souls who strive to fit in as many activities on their vacation as possible. The Alila experience includes stimulating, unordinary activities and plenty of opportunities to work on your skills such night scuba diving, romantic cruises, therapeutic massages, and innovative cooking classes, promising an unforgettable holiday with your loved ones.

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With a mission to make luxury resorts as sustainable as possible, Alila’s eco-chic and rustic design is good for the eyes and for the environment. They believe in creating an intimate and secluded atmosphere, making hotels from this brand a great honeymoon option.


Remember The Plaza from Home Alone, the hotel where Kevin booked a grand suite all for himself? Well, it’s only one of 76 properties owned by Fairmont. Standing as a symbol for luxury and affluence for more than a century, Fairmont offers world-class accommodation where you can relax, host an important event, and much more.

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The Fairmont hotels are mostly located in the United States and Canada, in large cities that attract millions of tourists throughout the year. If you’re ever planning a city break in some of these cities, we’d highly recommend considering Fairmont.

Standing as distinguishable landmarks on locations that allow you to get the best views, Fairmont hotels are designed by famous architects like Julia Morgan, which is one of the reasons why you can instantly spot them among a group of buildings. Just as impressive on the inside, the décor is akin to that in a royal palace: grand pillars, lavish chandeliers, and famous artworks are some of the furnishings you can expect to find while staying at one of the Fairmont hotels. The traditional, classic décor extends to the rooms and suites, all of which come with standard amenities that can be found in five-star resorts.

With a mission to deliver world-class service, a royal treatment, and an unforgettable stay to its guests, it’s easy to see why Fairmont attracts so many visitors worldwide. In fact, Fairmont has an impressive list of celebrity visitors, including Claude Monet, Queen Elizabeth II, and Noël Coward. Who knows, on your next vacation you might stay in the same room as one of these superstars.


Highly popular among business tycoons, Omni is a luxury hotel brand based in Dallas, Texas, that operates mostly in larger metropolises in North and South America. One of the things that Omni hotels and resorts are known for is their impeccable service – everything surrounding your stay will function as seamlessly as possible, which is exactly what you’ll need for a stress-free holiday.

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Facilities such as award-winning spas and fitness centers can be found in most Omni properties, providing some much-needed downtime after a hectic meeting or a long day of exploring. Plenty of exciting events are frequently organized at Omni, like the culinary series titled “Flavors of the World”, which gives guests a chance to sample cuisine from all around the world. Along with culinary events, fine dining is available on the property, with touches of local cuisine and delicious cocktails.

Over and Out!

We truly hope that our guide on the top 20 world’s luxury hotel brands will inspire your next luxury tip. The hotels featured on this list have a long-standing tradition of providing the best service possible for their guests, so you can’t go wrong with whatever option you choose. With that said, which hotel brand is next on your list? 

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