Spa retreats provide the perfect opportunity to unwind and take it easy as you recuperate from the day-to-day stresses of work and normal life. There is no doubt that the thirst for travel and escapism has heightened since the pandemic, and spa retreats are the perfect way to relax and indulge in a little bit of luxury.

In modern-day society, nothing really happens unless it is shared on Instagram, so it is no surprise that luxurious spas are regularly featured on timelines around the world.

To find the ultimate, luxurious spa retreat, we’ve researched the most picturesque spas in the world which are snapped by millions of people every year.

Take a look to see if you’ve visited one of the top 20 Instagrammable spas!

The Most Instagrammable Spas in the World

The most Instagrammed spa in the world is Ayana Resort in Indonesia.

The stunning resort has over 132,000 posts on Instagram, and it is easy to see why with its luscious greenery and being just steps away from a crystal clear ocean.  

Ayana Resort

The second most Instagrammed spa is The Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

On the bucket list of many, the Blue Lagoon is an attraction which thousands of people visit every year. In the heart of a volcanic landscape, surrounded by ice and snow, visitors can unwind by enjoying hot water temperatures in this beautiful scenery.

With over 109,000 posts on social media, people appear keen to boast about the beautiful Blue Lagoon.

blue lagoon spas
Blue Lagoon Spa in Iceland

Third on the list is the Szechenyi Baths in Hungary.

It is the largest medicinal bath in Europe, and with 57,000 Instagram posts, it is easy to see why it attracts millions each year. With a backdrop of traditional Hungarian architecture, it’s certainly not one to miss.

Szechenyi Baths in Hungary

The 20 most Instagrammed spas in the world

1#AyanaResortAyana ResortIndonesia132,009
2#bluelagoonicelandBlue LagoonIceland109,917
3#SzechenyiBathsSzechenyi BathsHungary57,436
4#LaMamouniaLa MamouniaMorocco51,972
5#shoreditchhouseShoreditch HouseUK44,163
6#amangiriAmangiriAmerica, Utah28,638
7#thetwelveapostlesThe Twelve ApostlesSouth Africa26,212
8#GellhertBathsGellhert Thermal BathsHungary24,469
9#aquadomeAqua DomeAustria23,727
10#OjaiValleyInnOjai Valley InnAmerica, California22,344
11#almahaAl MahaDubai20,927
12#scandinavespaScandinave SpaCanada18,368
13#coworthparkCoworth Park HotelUK16,844
14#thermalbadThermalbad SpaSwitzerland14,296
15#MiromontiMiramonti Boutique HotelItaly9,070
16#trianonpalaceTrianon Palace VersaillesFrance8,759
17#thechediandermattThe Chedi AndermattSwitzerland8,254
18#sixsensesdourovalleySix Senses Douro ValleyPortugal7,568
19#BrennersParkHotelBrenners Park HotelGermany6,999
20#SanaraSanara SpaMexico6,860